Who is natalie gulbis dating now

As if the picture and headline were not enough information already, it seems PGA golfer Dustin Johnson is now dating LPGA golfer Natalie Gulbis.

Indeed, Anna Rawson is engaged, Minea Blomqvist is married, and when last I checked, Beatriz Recari was off the market. It's kind of like when one of your closest friends from high school announces that she/he is getting married, and you are suddenly aware of how horribly single you are. Sure, because it's a calendar for the year 2005, it's basically useless.

The hottie golf star is not a just a pretty face to look at on the green, but she can actually beat majority of you reading this column.

The golf star can win at any time and has certainly earned the attention she has received.

Johnson, who won the HSBC Champions in Shanghai at the start of the PGA Tour season last October, is No. He wound up missing three months, and won in his second tournament back.

Johnson played in the final group in the third round of the British Open with Rory Mc Ilroy, fading with a 71-72 weekend and tying for 12th.

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