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The precursor to the film, Amy Jo Johnson, who has been in the industry for the past 20 years with a litany of acting credits to her name, recently chatted with me about her film making experiences as well as her notable roles in and what was your least favorite? AND my least fave episode was when–I’m trying to think— I guess, this may sound weird, but any episode that I was hardly in. Will you go to more of them in the future (like in D. I read that you developed this fear early on because of strange experiences with your fans.

At that time in my life ALL I wanted to DO was sink my teeth into something. Shuki Levi, the producer on the show, was a great musician and even helped me write the song “Down The Road” for the show. Amy Jo: Actually at this time I am so damn focused on getting is truly my priority after being a good mom.

If so, have you ever dressed up as the pink power ranger for Halloween? Looking at the names of the shows you mentioned above, I have real sentimental memories for each one.

When it comes to filming a movie, it’s always like going away to summer camp.

You fall in love, do bad things, and HAVE TOO MUCH FUN!!

We've taken our cameras to the streets and found chicks who love to drop their sticky, wet, panties in public! Round, bubble butt babes taking up the back door... Six Private girls on heat, directed by Antonio Adamo, Frank Thring, J. Lecastel and Kovi will go to any lengths to bring you to a climax of pleasure.

In addition to this there are 3 hot backstage reports from the shootings of the latest Private productions of "Pirate Video Deluxe", "The Matador Series" and the first film of the new VIRTUALIA series." [less] Read the rest of this entry ...

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Frank ended up staying with the franchise for years, and ended up appearing in 217 episodes during different iterations of the show.

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