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These examples suggest the importance of the idea that a cur- riculum, by itself, does not cause teachers and students to behave in a certain way.Teachers or students can ignore a textbook, correct its errors, fad] to carry out its inappropriate methods and in so doing, create a learning experience that is better or worse, or simply differ- ent, from the one envisioned in the formal curriculum. By providing materials, encouragement, points of view, 119 120 INDICATORS OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS EDUCATION evaluations, and other pressures for certain approaches to teaching and learning, as well as discouragement and sanctions for others, curricula shape behavior.In Foundation – Year 2, students begin to learn about common digital systems and patterns that exist within data they collect.Students organise, manipulate and present this data, including numerical, categorical, text, image, audio and video data, in creative ways to create meaning.The review uses the current model of ‘consequential validity’ (Messick, 1989) which incorporates both conventional ‘reliability’ issues and the use to which any assessment is put.In order to organise thinking on such a complex concept, the review uses ‘ Threats to the Valid Use of Assessment’, the eight stage model developed by Crooks, Kane and Cohen (1996).

It focuses on developing foundational skills in computational thinking and an awareness of personal experiences using digital systems.

One of the difficulties of any such analysis is the complexity of national curriculum assessment - even though the analysis concentrates only on English, mathematics and science at key stages 2 and 3.

One source of complexity is that national curriculum assessments are used for a variety of purposes and therefore the ‘consequential’ aspects are compounded.

A curriculum might create opportunities for students to do extra work on questions raised in school, for example, by focusing attention on the evolutionary implications of insect species diversity.

And a curriculum can act as a constraint on both teachers and stu- dents when the information conveyed through textbooks or tests is inaccurate, explanations are confusing or misleading, the logic of a concept and its derivation is lost, or mathematics or science is viewed as the memorization of facts and technical vocabulary.

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