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The Midland Art Gallery is the home base for this erotic series starring Divini Rai as erotic photographer Marissa Johanson and Kaylani Lei as her pupil Allison Kraft. See full summary » A frat house notorious for parties is turned into a co-ed residence for four freshmen under the supervision of a graduate student and her occasional boyfriend, a party animal from the closed fraternity.

"Lingerie" is a sexy new cable series featuring an ensemble cast of beautiful people who design, photograph and model lingerie in New York City's fashion industry. See full summary » Sick of getting screwed, Sam and Lizzie decide to take their dating life into their own hands, following the rules they find in "The Girl's Guide to Depravity". See full summary » This anthology series is about powerful, sexy and dangerous women inspired by and styled in the tradition of pulp stories, film noir and graphic novels. See full summary » Two friends Cooper Snow and Olivia Hartley start a dating service called Black Tie Nights.

They replace those we've lost with clones and devise technology that helps us live out our greatest fantasies; from saving a failed relationship, to creating the perfect lover, to being irresistible to the opposite sex - but sometimes our deepest desires come at a terrible price.

For there are secrets within 4Ever Innovations that may cost you your life.

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The scandalous lives of Liz and Michael, a cop and a lawyer who meet in a near-fatal coincidence.

Drama and comedy with inevitable and powerful chemistry between a man and woman that completely alter a destined life plan.

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