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The Tennis Club, Basketball Club and Table Tennis Club started in 1960 and in 1961 the Cricket and Football Clubs were formed. To be an organisation of high profile and reputation that provides a range of sporting and recreational activities for the youth and people of our community.To promote the activities of the Centre for people from all walks of society in the development of their physical, intellectual and social being.Doing so will absorb the soul fragment contained in the vortex into the rune, making the rune glow. She will tell you to use the runes to try and trigger a memory in the Library.Head through the entrance to the library (east of Ariane), and you will see four chairs.All clubs, Life Members, Special Guest and friends of the Centre are invited to come along and mix with fellow members, a light supper will end the evening proceedings. The age of the tree was estimated to be 25-30 years, and the stone had been in the roots since the tree was new.

Annual General Meeting will be held in the Function Room at Western Youth Centre on the 25th August 2017 with nibbles and drinks starting at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

I will reproduce it as exactly as I can, including abbreviations. The , the golden number, so called because it is the key to figuring out the date of Easter.

Note, however, that this lunar cycle, while it has the same practical effect as the golden number, is not exactly the same.

For example, 1010, which has a golden number 4, is listed as the first year of the lunar cycle.

The 14 day of the lunar month, i.e., the full moon. The "moon itself" is the age of the moon, i.e., the day of the lunar month, on Easter.

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