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Your mosquito flies around a family's house draining their blood while trying to remain out of sight, so as not to be swatted out of the air.You're starting out at a school for magic, so you choose classes to learn spells that you can cast in the dungeons.In the meantime you try to get a date for the dance at the end of the year. You're a young girl from one of three fantasy races, and you choose jobs and classes to raise different skills like cooking and creativity.UPDATE 2010: I've been inactive on here for a long time but I have released new hentai content elsewhere.To download some hot high quality hentai swfs go to this site: (remove any spaces) SFW screenshots from the flashes ;) also as an added bonus go here to download an extremely sexy FREE hentai CG picture set a friend of mine made: (also remove any spaces) aaand last but not least a few worksafe preview pics from the CG pack as well ; D hope you enjoy!

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