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39:1|218^ there is one up now! he got over this stage because of Amelia trapp, his new girl friend..Also he isn't a full-time smoker because he is only ocassionally seen with cigarettes. No He's Not, But It's Rumored That He Once Asked Dee To Marry Him Only To Be Turned Down Because She Wasn't Ready To Commit..=( They've Broken Up Now And He's In A Relationship With A Beautiful Woman Called Lliana Bird.Fielding's parents (who appear in The Mighty Boosh with him in the episodes Nanageddon and The Priest and the Beast) were in their late teens when he was born in 1973, and he recalls having a very liberal upbringing, always aware of his parents' eclectic taste in music and openness with drugs.He has a brother, Michael Fielding, who appears alongside him in The Mighty Boosh as Naboo.

At the end of 1990s, he appeared in the movies and TV shows like Plunkett & Macleane, Arctic Boosh, The Comedy Café and Alexei Sayle's Merry-Go-Round. He is best known for his role in a British comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh.But that's the opposite of everything you want when you settle down for a serving of Bake Off.If for a moment we take (to quote The Mighty Boosh) A Journey Through Space and Time back to September last year, C4’s chief creative officer Jay Hunt said that Bake Off would stay “just as it is” on the channel when it moved from the is his fan mail address: Noel Fielding PBJ Management 7 Soho Street London W1D 3DQ UK i wro…I would love this jacket so much. Noel designs most of his clothes, and either helps make them or gets someone else to make them. He is very caring, and thoughtful of others and their feelings. He likes making people happy, and that is surely the ultimate display of kindness.there were rumours of him dating Pixie Geldof a couple months back, robots in disguise were at a mighty boosh gig....I think that's what happened with this Jacket.__________This jacket is an actual vintage KISS jacket, made in the late 1970's,…he doesn't have one they are all fake the only real one is myspace/themightyboosh he has twitter and his address is @iamnoelfielding or if you don't know twitter x Xx(By the way, Noel Fielding stopped using Twitter a few months ago, so don't expect any updates. doesnt look goos though They are currently on a break, Noel has admitted to screwing up and thinks they are soul mates. While its been beleived he's previously done drugs, including such things as cocaine, its currently beleived that the most addicting substance he uses is alcohol.

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