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Whatever the case, the Mozilla Foundation and Adblock does not “owe” advertisers a living.

They didn’t steal from advertisers any more than companies that make bank vault locks “steal” from bank robbers, or, more aptly, people who make earplugs steal from car-alarm manufacturers.

This has put fear into the hearts of Web content providers who make their living from advertising, with some calling it the “Nuclear Plug-in” – an “evil predator” that is “quietly eyeing all the businesses it would happily devour.” – a plugin that is, even in the New York Times, regarded as an “extreme menace to the online-advertising business model.” One Web designer was so adamant about the Adblock plugin – he said that when you read the content without viewing the ads, you’re “stealing” – that he blocked Firefox browsers entirely from his Web sites. The most annoying ads – flash banners, pop-ups, etc.

are the ones that usually take up the most bandwidth and are more likely to have nasty malware payloads which cause more bandwidth and network security problems.

This chapter describes how to configure the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) pricing data and modules necessary for batch rating with Pipeline Manager.

It includes information about using Pricing Center to create rate plans and price models as well as information about the function modules used during rating.

I would be thankful for any ideas, I really like these theme. Yes, I have my own images in the banners folder and have deleted the old ones. PHP So if it's daniel display daniel's image, otherwise serve up a random one... 5) The file gd01is a javascript applet 6) It looks at the entirety of the html sent before it as a document 7) It contacts godaddy for the ad content and __prepends__ it to the html drupal generated... Remember to also change the path to the script and images in Also see: (warning: post is blocked by Kaspersky).(Continued…) It is true that Adblock blocks ads – and therefore, revenue.It is also true that it’s a piece of software that runs on the client’s computer – and the only person that should decide what software runs on the computer should be the owner of the computer.I had a different name for the Marinelli folder, that is why did not show. when is called without the tag, it will randomly choose animage to display.... Now it seems that even though I've set the sitename to not display it refuses to go away. I moved it up a level to /sites/all/themes/marinelli/topimg/but no good What finally worked was moving the banner folder to /files/banner but I don't understand why.I renamed it back now so the image does show: I guess it is not a permissions issue. ******************sort of solution*************** I gave up on random rotation and was able to at least have one banner image by inserting the direct path to the image in This isn't a fixed issue if you want the random rotation of banners but at least I have a banner image of some kind now. (My files are at the root level not under sites.) In change img/banner to #header It would be nice to know why Drupal was blocking this.

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