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I have poked around the web, googled and poked around this site but cannot find a positive way to see if I somehow have Firefox 64 bit. In fact, the Norton toolbar is not even offered to me.

The NTB/Identity Safe times out with Firefox for sites with multiple logins within 30 minutes of starting a session.

The moment the NTB updates were applied the Firefox memory leak came back full force.

If I disable NTB, Firefox returns to normal as well. And now to complete the hat trick, since applying last week's Comcast/Norton updates, Norton backups have apparently come to a screeching halt.

DId you have Mc Afee (or any other AV) installed prior to attempting to install CNSS? You can only install Norton products with administrator privileges.

Hello kynk It is possible that the program couldn't be installed because you have malware on your computer.

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