Attraction and christian dating

“Don’t place too much emphasis upon a relationship until you at least meet in person” In the usual sense, either a person has this type of attraction for another or they do not.Often single adults will meet via dating sites and become quickly enamored with one another.

And whilst I am convinced that some people with same sex attraction can and should get married (to someone of the opposite sex), Jeremy and others are absolutely right to remind us of the profound damage that can be caused when someone ignores or refuses to be honest about their true sexual feelings and enters into a marriage, hoping that they will become sexually attracted to their spouse after the wedding.A: Once upon a time, I got this loaded question in my inbox.Interestingly enough, I’ve also received hundreds of other questions that echo this very same concern, but worded in different ways: What if I’m not feeling “butterflies” when we’re together?Often times they meet their spouse only a week or two ahead of when they are married.In western culture many despise these types of marriages as dull or unemotional.

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