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It’s like a mini-model show, and you can hang out with the girls and they’ll bring you drinks for a small price. Many of the best clubs are in and around the Tein Gyi Zay Plaza.

This bizarre story that you are about to read happened at a club called Channel V.

I'm a single man in Myanmar and I really find Myanmar girls attractive but I don't get to meet many girls through my job and I don't have much time to go out and look around, so I start to feel a bit lonely now.

The best and easiest way I guess for me would be to find someone through internet dating, but I don't know if it is very common to do that in Myanmar and if girls even use these type of sites.

) I drank a lot when I was there because I could get pretty drunk for just USD.

Around town, there are several districts which have fun bars and clubs.

It sets forth a series of concrete recommendations to the new Burmese government, led by Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD), aimed at dismantling the inherited legal infrastructure of repression.

However, while global Google searches reflect the world’s spiral into uncertainty, searches in Myanmar over the last year reflect other trends, including the deepening romance between Myanmar people and smartphones, the growing popularity of Korean drama and ubiquity of Pokémon.

A number of laws include provisions that can be used to restrict journalistic activity.

For example, the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act bans content that would “affect the morality or conduct of the public or a group of people in a way that would undermine the security of the Union or the restoration of law and order.” The 2004 Electronics Transactions Law prohibits the electronic transfer of information liable to undermine national security, including communications about cultural or economic affairs, and has been used to imprison journalists.

The Burmese people are very social and they enjoy drinking booze, which makes Yangon nightlife a fun time.

The best local beer is called Myanmar Beer (an award-winning lager) and the most common liquor is Mandalay Rum (a delicious rum for just USD per bottle!

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